Drive-in Studio London.
No Low-Loaders Needed.

Take a step forward into the world of virtual film production with high performing LED panels to create Drive-in scenes you’ve only ever imagined. Whether it’s a ride-along, stunts, explosions, snow falls and more - You can’t underestimate our P1.5mm LED screens.


No need for process trailers or low loaders. Our drive-in studio facilitates LED film screens that are about to change your game - for good.

As featured in The Waterhouse, 2022 by Samuel Clemens.

What Clients Say

"An absolute pleasure working with the guys at Ramaz Studios! Not only do they offer cutting-edge virtual production capabilities, they are also passionate about working with projects across the budget spectrum. Lovely folk who I can't wait to find an excuse to work with again! Would thoroughly recommend!"

‘Ride’ The Series x Ramaz Studios.

Get behind the scenes at Ramaz Studios with the innovative series ‘Ride’. The LED screens provided a photorealistic motion background whilst the couple were on a car ride using the drive-in studio facilities.

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RIDE - The Series



Who Knew Drive-in Studio Film Productions Could Be So Lightweight

Virtual production streamlines extensive car scenes where you’d typically expect heavy equipment like low loaders and process trailers. Our drive-in film studio facilitates the function at high quality whilst taking off the low loaders and process trailers from your shoulders.


Work light, work fast, work effectively.

Why Choose Virtual Production Filming over Low Loader Filming?

The days of using low loaders in your video production are not over, but there is an easier way. Think mountains, think forests, think anywhere in the world.


Now think virtual production studio.


Virtual production makes it much easier to capture the drive in scenes you need for your films without the weight and headache of hiring and managing a low loader.


Virtual production provides photorealism effects which makes the life of your shoots more real.

Less Equipment

Whilst preparing for a shoot, you’re already worrying about lights, cameras, screens, models, cars and more. Ramaz Studios helps you smash out the shoots without the heavy load of a low loader. Low loader filming can be mimicked using powerful LED screens that includes the realism behind the shot.

Controlled & Safer Environment

Safety and health risks for the entire crew must be minimised. A feature film usually requires at least 20 crew members to work on and around a moving car. Virtual production would allow them to avoid many hazards when they shot it in our studio.

Low loader filming is a very proactive approach where there are several moving parts, this includes the cars. When creatives rise above and get into their element of filming, risks are taken more often than not to get a shot when an opportunity shows. This can be done safer and easier with virtual production.


Would you believe us if we said we knew how to beat time, avoid the sun and control the clouds?


In our virtual studio, we can do just that with controlled lighting. The instances of the sun and clouds moving and changing the direction of your shot for the whole day are a thing of the past.


At our virtual production drive in studio, you can shoot and reshoot as many times as you like, in different environments and settings, all on the same day in your own time.


Create, design and pencil in the styles of shoots you want, the seasons you need and the environments that will elaborate your shot. Now use it to create your masterpiece.

One Take

Virtual production provides a real-time visual of the shot. During drive-in shoots it’s extremely advantageous when angles can be changed between actors whilst the environment can be shown on the LED screens for continuity.

Smoother Production Days

The production can run smoothly without the problems of having unwanted cars and people in the scene, or traffic getting in the way of the production, since virtual production eliminates all of these risks, which makes it possible to calculate production costs accurately.

Limitless Creativity

You can build amazing worlds with the power of Unreal engine using Virtual production, making the impossible possible, making the vision real, making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you can imagine it, you can create it.

Available At Our Drive-in Studio in London

Air Conditioned Studio

Our studio's air-conditioned units will keep you cool and fresh as a cucumber with all the fast-paced work happening around you and your team.

Parking Spaces

The lot is equipped with six comfortable parking spots, so you don't have to worry about parking, unloading your stuff or getting a ticket. Just drive in and park up. We've got you covered.

4x4 Green Room Facilities

For those who aren't able to do LED production, we have a 4x4 green room for creative teams.

Meeting Room For Up To 10 People

Take advantage of our 10-people meeting room to go through ideas and finalize some details. With a busy set, sometimes you just need some time alone to think.

Changing Rooms For Up To 8 People

You won't have to compromise on the aesthetics of your models because of the large changing area.

Shower Facilities

No matter when you get to set, Ramaz has showers to get you clean, fresh, and ready to shoot. Let's get started!

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