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Music Video Production Studios for Hire London.

Virtual production is the future of film in 360 degrees. Whether shooting music videos, films, TV commercials or interviews, there’s no longer a limit to the stage. 

Imagine the world, design it, build it, shoot in it. And do that in 4500 sq ft where there are no boundaries to your creativity at our music video studios in London.

Creating a hyperrealistic environment for video producers, filmmakers and photographers and immersing themselves in any world they choose.

Imagine This:

Now Stop Imagining

And book our LED virtual production studio to take your imagination and creativity to the next level. There’s no limit to shooting your music videos in a virtual environment backed by the power of Unreal Engine. Bring your virtual worlds to reality.


Celina Sharma Shooting Jhootha at Ramaz Studios, At Our London-Based Music Video Recording Studio

Heard of Celina Sharma? She’s kind of a big deal in the music game. Recently her team and Project Leo, A London-based music video production company, hired our music video venue to shoot 'Jhootha'. Watch out for the flames. Here’s the behind-the-scenes to this spectacular production.

We’re a 4500 sq ft Warehouse for Music Video Shoots

At our video studio in London, we make shoot days much easier by having everything you need ready to go. Coming with a truck of equipment? No problem. With ample parking, unloading and loading your equipment has never been easier. No need to worry about parking tickets either.

More from our stages

Towering LED screens that create hyper-realistic locations for video producers, filmmakers and photographers. Be immersed in any environment you choose, without being there at all.

Our studio is based in the heart of South East London with excellent transport links from and into Central London. See our studio space below, with plenty of room to prepare, work and rest.

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What’s included in your music video studio hire?

The amenities offered by Ramaz Studios go beyond just a studio space. They support your day(s) of production in the best way possible.


The studio has air conditioning

Keeping fresh and cool is imperative in a fast-paced environment, which is why we've equipped the studio with air conditioning units.


Spaces for parking

It's easy to park and unload your equipment because there are six comfortable parking spaces. Just drive in and park. There's no hassle.


Green Rooms with a 4x4 configuration

Our 4x4 green room can still be used by production teams to create LED displays for many reasons, so let us know if LED production isn't your thing!


Suitable for 10 people in a meeting room

With busy schedules on set, people sometimes need a place to review ideas and finalise details. This 10-person meeting room is perfect for people who are looking for an escape from the hectic environment.


Changing room for 8 people

Keeping your model's aesthetics in mind, there is a spacious changing area.


Facilities for showing

At Ramaz, you'll find a shower that will keep you fresh and clean while on set or finishing up the day.


4m Shuttered Drive In Access 

It is possible to bring in large vehicles and bring in bigger equipment with a 4m shutter. Our space is large enough to handle large projects.

New virtual production studio with LED screen technology 11.5m wide x 3.2m high in a curved configuration in a total blackout warehouse space.

We will have an infinity cove 8 x 8 x 4m, a chill-out area, a temporary production area, changing room and toilets.



At Ramaz, as much as we have a beautiful spacious warehouse for your shoots, here’s something we don’t have. Limits. Our fully equipped space is available and open to all forms of your creativity whether it’s fire cannons, water machines and more - You can truly create something eye-popping.

Sharper Shots with P1.5mm

Ever found in post-production that the scenes you shot in virtual production at P2.5mm aren’t as crisp as you’d hoped? 

With unbeatable innovative filmmaking technology at Ramaz studios, shoot at P1.5 and get unrivalled clarity in your shots. There is almost no way to tell if they are in the real world or artificial reality, like in the hit movie inception.

Transformative Infinity Cove x VFX

Think blue, think big - Think Cove. With the recent advancements at Ramaz Studios, we’ve fully transformed our huge white cove into a blue beast designed for an incredible VFX composition.

Filming Production Made Faster

Filming using a virtual production studio allows you to work even faster in post-production. Virtual production uses ambient lighting, giving you a natural feel to each scene and reducing the extra work required in post-production. Let’s face it, correcting lighting later down the line is tough to work on.

Build Virtual Worlds

Using Unreal Engine, creating worlds has never been easier. Whilst mimicking natural environments, XR also aids the development of your music video. Extended Reality (XR) creates a 360 that completely mimics the real world. Now imagine the possibilities you get with a powerful game engine. It’s unlike anything you’ve imagined.

Take Control of Your Environments

Manipulate virtual environments to the real perspective of camera movement. You can move from one environment to another in real-time and see what your entire world looks like without having to do heavy exports, reworks and renders. Unreal Engine empowers the movement of mountains, trees, buildings, and cars and the continued infinite list of elements on a scene.

Music Video Production Studio with Limitless Design

It means that elements like hairstyles, costumes, or props can be designed without compromising their design using virtual production within LED volumes.

Having complete control over how things look in the film means no extra budget has to be allocated to fix hair, colour spills and patterns.

Minimise Costs, Maximise Clicks & Views

Maximise your clicks and views whilst decreasing the cost of your production. Shooting your music video in a virtual production studio allows creators to


  1. Make live changes to the content during the filming stage rather than trying to make impossible changes during post-production.

  2. Get all the shots they need in a single day whilst virtually creating any environment they desire to shoot in virtual filming locations too. Remember getting the gang back together for the reshoots? Forget about it. Shooting in XR makes the editing possible in real time so you can get the shots you need before calling it a wrap.

  3. XR uses ambient lighting; there’s no need to wait for post-production to ensure that you’ve hit the right points for your lighting. Need to make adjustments during the shoot and a retake? Go right ahead. 

  4. External environments mimicked perfectly with the P1.5mm. It could be sharper than the naked eye. (Not really, but it is very sharp). Directors and producers can make better decisions and prioritise the shoot without the worry of loss of daylight or the weather conditions change.

The World of XR and Music Video Productions at Ramaz Studios

Rudimetal x Peter Xan - Glow In The Dark

Yaarian - San2

Abraxas - Sunrise State (Of Mind)

Cashh - Bad Behaviour

67 (LD, Liquez, Monkey, SJ - #MicCheck Freestyle x Link Up TV

Tobi & Manny -Keeper

Where is our music video studio in London located?

At the heart of our capital, Ramaz Virtual Production Studio is located in South East London, Abbey Wood. With accessible parking and nearby transportation getting to Ramaz is nice and easy. Are you ready to make music video history by using our music video production London studios?