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Photography Studio Hire in London with Virtual LED Screens.

Take your photography to the next level at our virtual LED screens, where you have all the power you need to control the light, clouds and scenes. Shooting with photo-realistic LED screens not only saves you time in the day but gives you the time you need to get the right shots. No worries included.

Shooting Your Photos At Quality That No Less Than Perfect

The LED screens at Ramaz Studios are not ordinary. They’re specifically designed to emulate real-life environments to add a ‘panache’ to your shots.


Whether it’s film or studio photography, our London photography studio offers nothing but pixel-perfect resolutions with high-end graphics powered by game engines.


If you’re done with the regular photo studio hires, welcome to the world of virtual production at Ramaz Studios. Our photo studio allows your imagination to come to reality.

For The Big Screens
"You can only get this at Ramaz Studios"
"You can have the moon and the stars wherever you want"
"Mandem are busy - BOOK UP!"
Hear it from CASHH who used our virtual production studio for 'Bad Behaviour'
"Felt like I was in Dubai"

Our Photography Studio Gallery

See all the work we're doing and super proud to share it with you at Ramaz Studios in London. Photography reaches new pinnacles - only at our London exclusive photography studio.

Ramaz Studios - Virtual production studio space floor plan
Ramaz Studio - floor plan

Shoot And Then Reshoot

There are no limitations to the time of day you can shoot at Ramaz. Remove the notion of clouds and sunlight taking away the magic out of your photoshoots. You take control of the lighting and the environment the way you need to achieve the best outcome for your shoots. 


Hiring our photo studio in London means you can shoot and reshoot if needed until you’ve got the finesse you need. Don’t want the sun on the left? Let’s move it to the right. Want to be on the Golden Gate Bridge or in a desert out in Dubai? Switch up scenes with the use of our power Unreal game engine.

Budgeting & Timing

Nowadays, photoshoots can be cleaner and less busy on set. Using tools like the game engine and our LED studio screens, you can remotely decide how you want a scene to look. Whilst you’re able to minimise the cost of your team, you’re also able to budget your shoots better.


Our photoshoot studio comes to facilitate with the screens you need, lighting facilities and a tonne of space for you to move around in and prepare yourself for the day.


Shoot all your campaigns with one photography studio session, suit up and get to the business world or wear those dresses and land in a mansion setting - as we said, creativity is limitless at Ramaz Studios. Our UK-exclusive photography studio puts the power of any setting, any weather, and any lighting into your hands.


Our price? We charge £1500 per 8 hours. If you need something a little more tailored, get in touch at Ramaz Studios, and we’ll be able to help tailor studio days for you.

Design & Creative Freedom

With the LED screens at our photography studio in London, there’s never a need to compromise on the backgrounds and environments that are available to you. You can literally do whatever you desire with our screens whilst it’s powered by Unreal Engine. Don’t limit your imagination to the mundane and take ordinary shots to an extraordinary level.


Our LED studio screens allow you to create worlds that do not exist, they allow you to replicate real-world landscapes to fit in better with your photoshoots.

Controlling Natural Environments With Virtual Production

Transformation and innovation are truly defined at Ramaz Studios when you can start to control natural environments virtually. 


It’s a common issue where weather conditions and natural light can spoil a shoot - killing hours in the day and the entire team being paid for the static time. 


Why not reinvest the budget into our virtual production studio to shoot with photorealistic screens, giving what you want and more - for less? 


When you go into editing, you need not worry about shows and reflections as these can be included during shoots, and neither do you need to worry about the day running out - the sun only sets when you choose. Experience the world of virtual production at our exclusive photography studio in London.


Ready to book a shoot and take it to the next level?

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