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Hire A Podcast Studio for your Next Big Episode or Series

If you're quirky and you know it, say #VODCAST

Bring your A-game to Ramaz Studios for your brand-new podcast. With recent developments, you can now record your podcasts or even film your podcasts at our studio. #VODCAST. Virtual Production brings a panache to your content like never before. Ready to finesse your content like never before using futuristic virtual production technology?


Podcasting At Ramaz Studios


Ramaz Studio is a production studio facility based in South East London. It’s a place where creatives from all over the world come together to create life-changing content, whether it be film, music videos, photography and more. Newly added is the chance for podcast and vodcast creators to join us at our studio and participate in our mission of changing lives through impactful content.

Film Lighting

Creative Settings for Creative Podcasts #VODCASTS

Unlike typical podcast studios in London, Ramaz Studios amplifies the finesse of vodcasts by implementing virtual production technology, taking video podcasts to a whole new level. Using the Unreal Game engine technology, your environments can be whatever you want them to be. Nothing is impossible at Ramaz.


Looking to host? Get in touch about our bespoke packages.

If you need the studio for the day, we have a day rate of £1500 per 8 hours. For something more unique for you, get in touch. We are here to work together.

What's included in your podcast studio hire?

The amenities offered by Ramaz Studios go beyond just a studio space. They support your day(s) of production in the best way possible.


Air conditioned studio

You and your team will be working in a fast-paced environment that can make you and the environment uncomfortable. That's why we've equipped the studio with air conditioning units to keep you fresh and cool.


Parking Spaces

There are six comfortable parking spaces, so there's no need to worry about parking or unloading your equipment. Just drive in and park up, safely and comfortably. Hassle-free.


4x4 Green Room Facilities

There are many reasons why LED production isn't always your thing, so we have a 4x4 green room that can still be used by production teams to create


Meeting Room For Up To 10 People

Our 10-person meeting room space is perfect for those who need an escape from the hectic environment. With busy schedules on set, people sometimes need time to focus on ideas and finalise details.


Changing Rooms For  Up To 8 People

There is a spacious changing room area, so that your model's aesthetics will not be compromised.


Shower Facilities

There's a shower at Ramaz that'll keep you fresh and clean whether you're on set or calling the day a wrap. Let's get started!


4m Shuttered Drive In Access 

It is possible to bring in large vehicles and bring in bigger equipment with a 4m shutter. Our space is large enough to handle large projects.

An infinity cove, chill-out area, temporary production area, changing room, and restrooms will all be included in our new virtual production studio with LED screen technology.


The studio will be 11.5 meters wide by 3.2 meters high in a curved configuration within a total blackout warehouse space.

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