LED Virtual Production Studios For Hire in London

Immerse your productions in photorealistic virtual environments. It's the future of filmmaking.

The 4500 sq ft space for virtual production studio in London features LED screens to create TV, film, photography, and music video virtual productions. Book your production stage at Ramaz Studios today.

Tell a whole different story with a new way of filming.

A state-of-the-art production studio is just as flexible as your creativity. Our facilities are available for:


XR (Extended Reality) Studios by Ramaz

In prime spot London is our 4500 square-foot permanent LED film production studio in London with custom-designed LED stages to fit your needs. With advanced tracking technology, shooting for photorealism has never been easier.

Most people shoot in virtual production studios at P2.5mm, but at Ramaz? We increase clarity and high-quality opportunities by working with the P1.5mm - It’s pixel-perfect.

In music videos, films, and TV productions, we have pushed unimaginable boundaries with our partners and creative teams.

To make film history, you need a team of experts who live and breathe photorealistic productions. At our filming studios, Ramaz Studios, we are here to help you bring your imagination to life during your shoot day. You have the eye for capturing high-quality shots with precision and clarity, and we have the knowledge and understanding of photorealistic engines.

Ready to make film history together?

Space for pure creativity

Ramaz continues to work closely with professionals all over the industry, from content providers, agencies, music video producers, content creators and more. It’s limitless.



Technically Innovated.

A system of game engine renders and video wall technology to create backdrops of anything you can imagine."

- Jon Favreau, Executive Producer of The Mandalorian

What's included in your hire?

The amenities offered by Ramaz Studios go beyond just a studio space. They support your day(s) of production in the best way possible.


Air conditioned studio

You and your team will be working in a fast-paced environment that can make you and the environment uncomfortable. That's why we've equipped the studio with air conditioning units to keep you fresh and cool.


Parking Spaces

There are six comfortable parking spaces, so there's no need to worry about parking or unloading your equipment. Just drive in and park up, safely and comfortably. Hassle-free.


4x4 Green Room Facilities

There are many reasons why LED production isn't always your thing, so we have a 4x4 green room that can still be used by production teams to create


Meeting Room For Up To 10 People

Our 10-person meeting room space is perfect for those who need an escape from the hectic environment. With busy schedules on set, people sometimes need time to focus on ideas and finalise details.


Changing Rooms For  Up To 8 People

There is a spacious changing room area, so that your model's aesthetics will not be compromised.


Shower Facilities

There's a shower at Ramaz that'll keep you fresh and clean whether you're on set or calling the day a wrap. Let's get started!


4m Shuttered Drive In Access 

It is possible to bring in large vehicles and bring in bigger equipment with a 4m shutter. Our space is large enough to handle large projects.

New virtual production studio with LED screen technology 11.5m wide x 3.2m high in a curved configuration in a total blackout warehouse space.

We will have an infinity cove 8 x 8 x 4m, a chill out area, a temporary production area, changing room and toilets.

Why use LED virtual production studios?

Virtual productions have primarily been known in the TV and broadcast industry. With technological advancements,  it's now used for much more. Production studios are now equipping their facilities with LED screen stages to add agility for movie, film, TV and music video producers.

Our studios in South East London are equipped with LED volume staging, meaning that we can produce high-quality and beautiful lighting for video productions.


Added Speed For Production

By designing your film sets and stages in advance, you can reduce post-production phase time and iterations. Filmmakers can shoot more in-camera finals this way, and therefore, VFX shots become cheaper and easier to create.

Create the worlds you've only ever imagined.

Unlike sourcing locations, virtual production allows you to create your own and loads of them. Powered by Unreal Engine, bringing the virtual world to video production allows creatives to create the unimaginable and display the virtual world in the real world during the shoot.


Single days work with multiple virtual locations.

No need to jump out of the studio to use green screens, whether you're shooting scenes in the desert or moving to an unknown planet. Virtual production with LED volume screens allows you to shoot multiple scenarios in one day. Working in film with LED volume screens is much faster and more cost effective than working with conventional screens.

Design powerful sets ahead of time using game engine technology like Unreal Engine.

Using Unreal Engine, apply sets and scenes to the LED wall to immerse your virtual world in the real world. The LED wall displays the built-in set, which can be tweaked and updated continuously.


Create production-grade lighting for your actors and create real-time final pixels

Assistant directors, cast and crew, can become immersed in the state-of-the-art virtual production technology and create final pixels from the virtual stages designed for the shoot.

Save time in post-production by producing the background and foreground for your shots.

By providing LED volume stages to enhance virtual production in real-time, we enable you to simplify the editing process in post-production so you can save more time during your shoot days. As a result, the actors can see your virtual world during the shoot, and you can edit it, change the camera angle, etc.


Virtually explore multiple scenes in a single day of shooting at our LED volume virtual production studio

With multiple scenes and desired locations, you can shoot for multiple virtual locations all on the same day of shooting your film.

Capturing Motion

Our technology is designed to make complex cinematography a little bit easier and turned up to the next level. Struggled with complex vehicle motion shots in the past? 


Say goodbye to that and welcome the new technology of LED volume studio production and virtual production studios.


More from our stages

Towering LED screens that create hyper-realistic locations for video producers, filmmakers and photographers. Be immersed in any environment you choose, without being there at all.

Our studio is based in the heart of South East London with excellent transport links from and into Central London. See our studio space below, with plenty of room to prepare, work and rest.

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Directions to our Virtual Production Studios

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